Welcome to my app dosto!

I made this app because I’m on a mission. A mission to ensure that no more girls lose their lives due to lack of healthcare knowledge or access to a medical professional. Our   will not change unless we all do our bit and stand up for our girls.

My ultimate dream is to reach every corner of Pakistan and let everyone know that our lives are as important as a boy’s and that given the opportunity we too can make informed health decisions for ourselves and our families.

So if you believe in my mission and want to help out, download my app and subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Also, don’t forget to tell your friends and friends of friends about it.

The App



Audio/ video articles, on a wide range of health and wellness issues affecting girls. From menstrual shaming to depression to acne to weight management, Zoya’s sehatnama is carefully curated to address anything and everything that impacts the quality of our lives. Not too keen on English? Listen to the articles in Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, or Saraiki and read them in Urdu.

Period Tracker

Worried, When will I get my period? Zoya will help you to track and manage your monthly cycles. You just need to set the calendar according to your periods and let the tracker reminds you.

Check Karo

Want to know about your health? No need to worry download the Zoya health App which provides you interactive symptoms checker that informs users on probable causes for an ailment, prevention, diagnosis, and when to see a doctor.

Talash Karo

Locate your nearest doctors, hospitals, gyms, salons, etc. with a single click on your mobile phone with talash karo. Find your nearest location with complete information in any city of Pakistan.

Dadi ke Totkay

Dadi has the best-tested home remedies for all of your problems whether it is acne spots, falling of hair, etc.


Zoya has upgraded the content of Covid-19 in all the features. With the help of Check Karo, you can easily check the symptoms of Covid-19. Likewise, You can discover your nearest Covid-19 centers with a complete address and contact number on Zoya health App. Besides, you can check out Dadi ke totkay and follow those certified remedies to cure some of the Covid symptoms like mild flu, cough, lethargy, etc. For detailed information check Zoya’s Sehatnama segment and find new articles on the Covid-19 Pandemic in multiple local languages.

Mood Checker

What’s your mood today? Zoya provides you a self-check tool to help you identify thoughts and feelings. It will also boost your mood and make you feel better.


Welcome to my mobile app, dosto!

Friends of Zoya

Dosto, I need your help, and that of your friends and your friend‘s friends to save more lives

Come join my movement by registering here . The more we are, the better chance girls have of living healthy happy lives.


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